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Inu iRC Tyre 80/90-17 Suitable for Wave RS, Future380,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 70/100-17 Front tyre for Wave RS, Future350,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 2.50-17 Rear tyre for Wave Alpha350,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 2.25-17 Front tyre for Wave Alpha300,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 80/90-14 Front tyre for Airblade, Vision450,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 90/90-14 Rear tyre for Airblade, Vision550,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 90/90-12 Front tyre for Lead, SCR500,000 VND
Inu iRC Tyre 100/90-10 Rear tyre Lead,SCR, Attila550,000 VND

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